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10000 грн. your fee depends only on you and your skills
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Семененко Вікторія
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г.Мелитополь, Семененко Вікторія Анатоліївна
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Удаленная работа
от 5 лет
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Remote job

I need a person of trust who could really and effectively help development of music documentary project at the professional level. Documentary project I`m working upon is dedicated to a true art like music which can be considered a classic in its genre. Unfortunately for today I am not able to suggest you any fee despite everything depends on your skills and hardworking to gain your money. Except specific knowledge of CEO for promoting documentary sources on social medias you need:

- really high level of personal culture like professionalism (today many of people got higher education despite far not all of them can be considered to possess a culture). So I need someone who don`t need to be controlled in order to execute their work tasks till the point I could not be even aware of your presence around me and my life. May be it hurts despite documentary creation requires to be high concentrated on the content quality like really high level of responsibility means I cannot allow myself to spread my attention around for other less important things. I prefer to be not exactly a boss but a partner but sometimes it can be literally dangerous in real life reality to ever trick me (like I cannot even explain how I do that to frauds).

- your communication skills in English (Ukrainian is a must like other Western languages are also preferred) must be even better than mine in order to understand fluent English speech and writing so communicate freely.

- except promotional job on any web sources possible you also considered to take a part in social medias management (like comments) despite not on a complete term. I used to take a personal part in communication to users too. That`s my politics. But the thing you should always remember is about not to be disruptive to my work for any unimportant task like question.

P.S. Be sure to possess all these requirements BEFORE you contact me with resume. Thank you.

Обов'язки: music documentary project CEO promotion, social media development

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